Portland Police are investigating after two people were seriously injured by gunshots.

Where Did The Shootings Happen?

It was just after 1:00 Monday morning when two Portland Police Officers heard multiple gunshots in the area of 43 Wharf Street. The officers, who were on foot patrol, rushed to the area near Union Street and found a 34-year-old man in distress. When they discovered the man had been shot several times, the officers applied tourniquets and rendered first aid until an ambulance could arrive at the scene.

Moments later, a second victim was located at the corner of Fore and Union Streets. The 22-year-old Portland woman had also suffered multiple gunshot wounds. Police applied tourniquets until she could be taken to the hospital. Officials say it appears that she was shot on Wharf Street and then walked to that location before collapsing.

Police say both victims were transported to Maine Medical Center where they're being treated for serious injuries.

Fore Street, Union Street, and Wharf Street in Portland are closed this morning while investigators process the scene. So far, police have not commented on the motive for the shootings or whether the victims knew their assailant(s).

Has Portland Seen An Increase in Violence Lately?

In 2022, there have been 17 stabbings, according to Portland Police, which is a 31% increase over last year. In addition, there have been at least 44 shootings, more than double the amount in 2021. The escalation of violence in Portland has prompted police to increase patrols in higher-risk areas.

Who Do I Call If I Have Information About This Case?

Anyone who thinks they may have information about this case is urged to contact the Portland Police Department at 207-874-8575. Tips can be left anonymously by calling 207-874-8584 and leaving a message on the department's Crime Tip Line.

We'll update this story as more details become available.

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