Bangor Police have arrested two men and are seeking a female in connection with a fire on Elm Street.

When Was the Fire?

Fire crews were called to 271 Elm Street in Bangor at approximately 3:45 on the morning of Thursday, August 31st. Two people were inside the building at the time of the fire, but both were able to get out safely. No one was injured. Based on observations by firefighters, the State Fire Marshal's Office began an investigation into how it started, with assistance from the Bangor Police Department.

What Do We Know About the 2 Suspects?

As a result of that investigation, two men have been arrested:

  • Joshua Fletcher, 18, who was arrested on Friday, September 15th, at a youth shelter in Bangor.
  • Eric Hasenbank, 41, of Harrington, who was arrested on Thursday, September 21st, at his residence.

Both were charged with arson and they were transported to the Penobscot County Jail. Officials say both suspects knew the people who were living in the Elm Street house.

Who is the Person Still Sought By Police?

Investigators are still looking for an adult female named Shelby. She's described as a white female, approximately 50 years old, with a slender build, she's approximately 5'8" tall,  and has shoulder-length reddish/brown hair. Shelby is known to frequent the area near the Hope House Health and Living Center on Corporate Drive in Bangor.

Anyone with information about the fire or about Shelby's whereabouts is asked to contact the Bangor Police Department.

We'll update this story as more details become available.

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