Halloween may be one of your favorite holidays, but it can actually be dangerous for your pets unless you take precautions.

But Halloween is fun...isn't it?

For people of all ages, Halloween is a fun time of year, full of candy and costumes, friends, and festivities. One night a year, we get to dress up as someone other than ourselves and act like a kid again. Of course, for kids, it's all about getting the right costume and collecting as much candy, as possible. (Okay, that's true for all of us) But our pets may not see it as a fun, or even safe, celebration.

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If We're All Laughing, Why is the Dog Stressed?

Our animals pick up on our emotions. So when the kids are all excited and running around the house, the dog wants to be part of it. Then your child puts on a mask and everything changes. Pets don't understand what it's all about. They don't have a holiday where, say, your dog pretends to be your cat. They probably wouldn't argue with the food part of the celebration but, other than that, it doesn't make much sense to them, and can actually cause a great deal of stress. And when pets get stressed, they either lash out or run away.

What Can I Do to Keep My Pets Safe?

I put together some tips on ways to protect your pets, which relate to your family's night of trick-or-treating, as well as to Halloween parties. Following these suggestions may make the holiday a little less scary and keep everyone happy and healthy.

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Halloween may be one of your favorite holidays, but your pets may not be so thrilled by all the festivities. 

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