As Maine residents, we came up with this list based on our opinions (which are actually facts.) Here are the reasons we think Mainers are tougher than everyone else.

  • Amanda McDonald
    Amanda McDonald

    We Know Hard Work

    Living in Maine requires snow removal. Shoveling and cleaning off your car are just two ways you learn how to work hard in Maine.

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    We Have Great Driving Stamina

    When it's 20 miles to the closest grocery store from home, you learn to love the road. Not only love it, but know it. If you're like the Mainers I know, you know every twist and turn, hill and bump on the way to town, and you have your commute route down to a science.

  • Getty Images News Photo
    Getty Images News Photo

    We Have Thick Skin

    You probably know by now Maine is often portrayed as the middle of nowhere or is being joked about on TV shows like SNL. We get it, people from away think we talk funny, have never used a working toilet, and our governor is crazy. But so what, we don't care! Maine just keeps doing our own thing!

  • Lorimar Productions
    Lorimar Productions

    We Fear No Evil

    I mean we allow the king of horror to reside in our state. Locations and landmarks here have been featured in some of the most hair-raising horror novels by Stephen King and who is to say they are not inspired by some truths? We're not allowed to say.

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    We Have Strong Noses

    For years, hundreds of Mainers have turned a blind eye (nose) to smells like cow farms, paper mills, and mud season. But you better believe we can still smell suppah!

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    We Have Some of The Hardest Jobs

    Lobstermen, loggers, lumberjacks, farmers, plow truck drivers. The list of tough occupations prevalent in Maine goes on forever. Without these people working these tough jobs, Maine wouldn't be half as tough as it is.

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    Getty Images

    We Can Deal With Drastic Temperature Changes

    From freezing to frozen to rain showers and heat waves Maine sees it a week. As a Mainer, you never can really put away your seasonal clothes because Maine doesn't play by seasonal rules. Dealing with the cold winters makes us the toughest, though. I'd like to see a flatlander shoveling in shorts and a T-shirt without complaining!

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    We Have Strong Stomachs

    We can drink things like Moxie and coffee brandy without flinching, and some of our favorite delicacies like needums, poutine, and clam chowder are indigestible to people from away.

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    Getty Images

    We Are Okay Alone For A While

    Sometimes you're snowed in alone. Sometimes you're home alone for hours with no neighbors in sight. We sit for hours alone in an ice shack, hike alone, and spend time alone in the woods. We like company sometimes. Just don't stay too long.

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    Getty Images

    We Are Not Afraid Of The Dark

    We survived the ice storm of '98 with many of us living in darkness for weeks. We have no fear of walking to our vehicles in the dark even if we live in the deep woods. We get up before dawn to feed livestock, start work, and more! Winters in Maine seem to be dark 20 out of the 24 hours a day, so we deal!

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