This came from Google Trends. And although it is humorous, it is surprisingly true as well. The number one word that West Virginians ask Google how to spell is …..West Virginia.


And this search was inspired by the young teenagers, and younger who participated in the National Spelling Bee the other night.

For the first time in history, the Bee had to go to ‘overtime.’ The 2 finalists were tied, went through a number of words and then the contest went to a lightning fast speed round. They motored though words that nobody else in the world has ever heard of.

They are 13 years old, and younger, and they know how to spell the words, and the meanings, origins, etc.

Want a sample of the words they rattled off seemingly effortlessly?

Myricetin – means a yellow crystalline dye obtained from many plants.

Otukian – relating to or constituting a branch of the Bororoan language family.

I knew that one ... said no one ever.

Congrats to all the youth of America who are off to a great start on being very accomplished.

Now back to the google search.

Some of the other states words people most look up how to spell are bearable in Washington, D.C.

Pneumonia in Tennessee.

Missouri’s #1 word they can’t spell is dessert.

Oregon’s word is awkward.  No, it is actually the word- awkward.

Here’s that Maine word.

Actively.  Meaning now you don’t have to actively look up the word.

There has to be an often misspelled word that makes you stop and think. Don’t we all have such words.

Here’s the map with the most searched How do I spell words.

Google Trends
Google Trends

Back to the Spelling Bee contestants, a Coach’s advice is to study 6 to 10 hours a day, for months. Yeah, that’s not going to happen.


Which is North Dakota’s most looked up “how do I spell it word.”

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