For years, I used to go to Berklee College of Music in Boston for Guitar Week. The school would hire professional rhythm sections to back up the budding shredders. I always had a blast doing it, but never really thought there would come a day where I'd be leading my own group of kids.

But last summer, I had a chance to start doing some work with the Maine Academy of Modern Music, and get in the driver's seat myself. The group I had last year was a very gifted group of kids, and my experience was nothing short of amazing. And this year's batch proved to be no less talented.

It was a big band of seven kids, aged 12-15. And their musical experience was quite varied. But these young musicians were so eager to learn, and try new things, that even a couple kids with basically no musical training or experience at all, performed on a level that I'm not sure they can totally comprehend.

We rehearsed all week at the Bangor Arts Exchange, who were extremely patient and gracious hosts, and had our final performance on Saturday by the Bangor Public Library during the Sidewalk art Festival. They showed up ready for business, and got right down to it from the very first beat, to the last.

I don't have kids of my own, so I only have the smallest glimpse of what it must be like to watch your kids up there, doing their thing. Even I got kind of choked up a couple times, watching them absolutely crush their set. I can't imagine the pride the parents must feel, seeing their kids not only making music, but having a blast at the same time.

If you have kids, or know kids that might be interested, there will be another Rock Camp, August 19th - 23rd. You can get information and register right here.

So a great big shout out to my rockers that I got to hang with this week. You're all awesome, and I look forward to seeing what they may accomplish with their music. I promise.... I'll be your biggest fan!

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