To say we couldn't do it without you is an understatement. When it comes to the Q106.5 Egg Ride, there are so many people behind the scenes that step up, work tirelessly, and without the credit they deserve. So a big thank you to all who make the event so much fun, and such a success.

And to say we couldn't do it without Workstore on Broadway in Glenburn is a fact too. We all get the snowmobile suits on. Tossing gloves and boots back and forth to each other until we are all wearing what fits us the best, but then the very important Q106.5 Egg Ride T Shirts, different every time, come into play. They go over the suits, and the eggs are then stuffed between the shirt and the suits. Dozens and dozens and dozens of eggs. Gross.  (get it?)

Again this year we thank Ed Libby at Workstore for the donation of the shirts. The shirts with the great graphics year after year.

Remember the whole purpose of this messy event is to raise money to send kids to Pine Tree Camp. And your part is donating whatever you can so as a community we can make that happen.

Thank you!

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