Shortly after the pandemic began people’s habits started to change.  As a nation we stopped and looked around our homes and made the decision that if we are going to be ‘trapped’, if we are going to be spending more and more time between ‘these four walls’, then we are going to make some changes. Sidetrack: Remember Faron Young and Hello Walls?

Thinking back over the past months, I know personally that I’ve bought stuff for the house.  A new rug here. A new vacuum cleaner (because the last one sucked, actually because the last one didn’t suck), a tread mill. Other house stuff too.

Lots of people I know did or still are doing major things.  Kitchen renovations always top the list of home improvements we all love to do. That and bathroom upgrades.

This summer I still hope to be able to safely travel. If I determine that’s not going to happen, I’ll take that airline ticket money and go get a bigger flat screen. Is that what government talks about when they decide how much stimulus money to put into a package? “Well the latest price of the 65 inch 4k is X, so we better make sure that much $ is in the package if we want to get re-elected”.  Seriously, let’s hope not, knowing there are so many who really are struggling financially since the pandemic’s onset. Here’s hope that things come back after more and more people get vaccinated.

Just for fun I googled what the most popular home décor item googled is. Any guesses? Mainers most popular google search was for wall hooks.  Here’s what I found

Courtesy Go fish
Courtesy Go fish

Wall hooks. Seriously. We can do better. See you at Best Buy when the stimulus checks arrive.

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