Left lane campers are so hated and despised in Maine that every now and then if you're flipping through the Maine subreddit page on Reddit, you can usually find some kind of thread pop up every now and then about left lane campers.

And, basically (and bluntly), how they suck.

Especially when it comes to two-lane highways like 295. Because while they either drive slower than or -- even worse -- the same exact speed as the right lane, we're just left there behind them to rot.

Not that driving on the highway should be a drag race, but let's be real. When the speed limit on a section of 295 is 65 mph and there are vehicles in both lanes driving right next to each other at a blurring, lightning-fast 50 mph (note the sarcasm) -- well, like Ludacris once said:

Move. Get out the way.

Anyway, this isn't about left lane campers. It's about the drivers that are worse than them.

Left lane campers who text and drive.

Truthfully, I didn't even think texting and driving was still a thing. I can't remember the last time I've even seen someone texting and driving until I witnessed it today on 295, where I was behind a woman in a Ford F150 that, based on her reflection in her side view mirror, was blatantly looking down 90% of the time she was driving.

Jakob Rosen
Jakob Rosen

The fact she kept almost swerving into the car in the right lane she was driving even with was a pretty dead giveaway that she wasn't paying attention to what she was doing, too.

And the final nail in the coffin -- when she realized she kept drifting between both lanes and causing the car next to her to drive halfway in the breakdown lane, she moved over and as I passed her, I looked over to see her eyes locked somewhere in her lap.

Who knew it was possible to make a left lane camper actually look good.

Let's all stop being jackholes that text and drive and either use the technology given to us with Apple Carplay or other tech where we can use voice-to-text to both have messages read to us and written for us, or -- wild idea -- let's just wait.

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