Sharon Carillo, who's accused of causing the death of her 10-year-old daughter, gave birth today to a baby boy.

Carillo and her husband, Julio, are both charged with murder for the death of her daughter, Marissa Kennedy. After the pair were arrested, Julio's attorney informed authorities that Sharon was seven months pregnant with her fourth child. The couple is accused of subjecting Kennedy to repeated beatings that finally resulted in her death. Before calling authorities in February, police say they made the death appear to be an accident, claiming that the child had fallen down the stairs.

NewsCenter Maine reports Sharon gave birth Wednesday to a boy that she named Nicholas Isaiah, who weighs a little over 7 pounds. The child's grandfather says that once the baby  leaves the hospital, he will be living in New York with family, along with the couple's other two children.

Once Sharon Carillo is medically able, she will be returning to Two Bridges Regional Jail to await her murder trial.

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