Baseball is back. Actually, a baseball tradition is back. Attending major league baseball games in person is back.  After last year with nobody at games except the players and some cardboard cutouts of fans in attendance, major league baseball is back to full capacity.

So the magic of being at Fenway is once again an option for Red Sox fans of all ages.

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Q106.5 is giving you that chance. You and a friend could be at the Red Sox game on Thursday, August 12th for a 4:10 pm first pitch game against Tampa Bay Rays. You can win a pair of tickets to the game, round trip Cyr Bus Line NorthStar Tours bus trip and a guide to help you with any questions you have on your trip.

You’ll need the Q106.5 app.

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And so you’re not embarrassed when it’s time to sing along, if you don’t know the words, you’ll need this.

Everyone remembers their first trip to see the Red Sox at Fenway. Maybe it’ll be your first time, or the person you take along as your guest’s first time. Enjoy the treasure we know as Fenway. The gameday giveaway that day is a Manny Ramirez Red Sox Hall of Fame Bobble Head, to help you remember the day.

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Here’s all the details about the CYR bus trip. 

And again to win the trip just simply open the Q106.5 APP, tap the Sox Trip button and fill out the form.  That’s your entry. You have until Sunday night to get yourself entered. Good luck and make sure you sing loudly enough that we hear you. Buh Buh Buh. So good, So good, So good.

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