We got the 411 on huge signs in Brewer that say Wilson Street is closing this week.

What Signs in Brewer?

It caught the attention of one of my coworkers when some giant highway-type information signs popped up on Wilson Street in Brewer on Tuesday. They said something like Wilson Street closing 10/18 at 8 p.m. Seek alternate route. That's it. No explanation why, or what part of Wilson Street (which is a long street) would be closed. The fact that the signs were positioned around the entrance to Acme Road was concerning to me because that's where the radio station is located.

So, I contacted Deputy Chief Chris Martin at the Brewer Police Department to ask what the signs were referring to. Apparently, we weren't the only ones caught off-guard because he said he had to do a little research to answer my questions.

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Where Is the Street Being Closed?

Martin says the portion of Wilson Street that will be closed to traffic will center around the intersection of Acme Road. For those that don't know where that is, it's next to the Brewer Pool. It's also next to the CN Brown construction site, where they're building a new Big Apple store. Yup, that's why the road is being closed.

Why is It Being Closed and When Will It Reopen?

Starting at around 8:00 Wednesday night, crews will be connecting storm drains from the construction site and they will have to dig up that portion of Wilson Street. Traffic will be detoured in the immediate area. With State Street running parallel, it will be an easy detour for anyone traveling through Brewer. For anyone needing to get to Acme Road during the overnight hours, they might want to use the access road that connects with Brewer High School.

If everything goes as planned, it should only take one night to complete and then traffic will be back to normal by Thursday morning.

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