I'd love to say it's a rhetorical question, but it ain't. I was outside for about two hours yesterday morning, and just about everywhere I went had the faint whiff of awfulness. To the point that I checked my sneakers at least three times, because I was convinced that I'd stepped in dog mess. But there was nothing there.

I thought maybe it was my imagination, or I was having a freakin' stroke or something. It seemed early for local farmers to be spreading manure, and I wasn't near a dog park or anything. Or even the wastewater treatment plant. But as I looked around a bit more, the culprit of the olfactory offense became more clear. And more smelly.

Near as I can tell, by looking around a bit when I was shooting some video at Cascade Park in Bangor, that maybe, just maybe, that it really was doggie doo. My evidence was based on the amount of joy that I found sitting in the grass. It looks like folks brought their dogs down to frolic about the park, and since it was snowy, were just kind of ignoring what their dogs were doing.

Now, all that snow is melting, and basically, we have this trove of doggo treasures that the melting snow is gifting to us. Unfortunately, that gift is coming in the form of evil aromas that are impossible to get away from. And it's everywhere. It seems that picking up your dog's leavings is winter optional. So now, not only do you have to literally watch everywhere you step, you get a scent-sation to go along with it.

So friends, I'm sure it's hard to pick up dog poo with mittens on, but here we are in the spring, breathing in an ocean of poo vapor. Sure that sounds gross. Because it is. And since I know that no one in these parts has a pet yak that's leaving all this crap behind, it's gotta be your ambivalence combined with Fido's digested dinner.

So do us all a solid, and pick up all those solids, would ya?

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