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Becomes this:

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I should have worn my mask.

We can't be at the games at Memorial Gym. We can't "Pack The Pit." But for a donation to benefit University of Maine athletics and the Alfond Fund you can be at the games. Or at least your photo can be.

Fans can purchase a cardboard cutout with your chosen image and they'll put them in a seat for every remaining men's and women's basketball game this season. Then it'll be yours to keep at the end of the year. You know you want one. Here's where to get it.

Imagine friends from near and far watching a UMaine basketball game on television and seeing a face in the crowd they recognize. You not me. Cooler than the other side of the pillow. Cooler than the water in a swimming pool. I'm wondering if I'll move, or they'll move me for the Black Bear Men's games next weekend vs Binghamton. Only question, what am I going to do with a cardboard cutout after the season ends. Makes a lovely gift. What wife wouldn't love a full size cardboard cut out of their spouse's face?

Any questions you have about basketball, just ask. I used to be a player.

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