Happy Father's Day to all!  No matter what you're doing, hope it's the best day with Dad. Here's a photo of the Q106.5 On Air Staff's Fathers.


So as you look at the photo do you see who's who?  If you want to guess, the correct answer on who belongs to which Q staffer will be below.  I don't want to give the answer away until further down the page so those who want to guess won't be tempted to peak.

A recent poll about what Dads want for Father's Day says the number one thing is a phone call from their kids.  That has to be for those, like me, who are lots of miles apart physically from their Dads.  (Or from their kids).  At number two on the list 'A big juicy steak'.  Ha ha.  And number 3 answer 'Peace and Quiet'.  Come on Dad, it's Father's Day.  Peace and Quiet is for other Sundays, not this one.

Happy Father's Day to all from Q106.5!

Is it far enough down the page now to say who's who?


Not yet?

How about now?

Ok, here we go,

Upper Left is Rowdy Yates Dad, middle is my (Scott Miller) Dad, Paul Wolfe's Dad is upper right.

Bottom Left:  Jason Stewart's twin brother...I mean Father, in the middle is the new host on Taste Of Country Nights, Evan Paul's Dad, and bottom right is Cindy Campbell's Dad (Thank you for your service - Please come in and be on the Q106.5 Morning Show some day soon..and bring that microphone and turntable)

Here's where to find photos of their kids.  Happy Father's Day. Enjoy the phone calls, the peace and quiet and oh yeah, the big juicy steak.

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