People use the expression “Where such and such used to be” all the time when describing things.

And while it is always sad to see things that we’ve been accustomed to all our lives go away and disappear, it is a positive when a transition occurs and something new takes its place.

Witness Dover-Foxcroft. FIve years ago they repurposed the former woolen mill into a modern complex that is mixed-use. Residences, office space, a boutique, and the inn and café. It became known as The Mill as is on the Piscataquis River.

Sadly the inn and café closed, due to staffing issues and Covid-19 last year.

But good news. The inn and café have re-opened.

That’ll help to draw visitors to Dover-Foxcroft. And that’s a win-win.

Also, the reopening is good news to resident Lori Sharrow who used to own Center Coffee in Dover-Foxcroft. Center closed, but Lori sold the coffee-making equipment to The Mill Café and will also be providing the coffee beans for the café.

Brenda Shultz owns Airbnb properties and the Café at the Mill.  She too is from Dover-Foxcroft but was a graphic artist for many years in California. Emphasis on artist, as she has hand-picked furniture and rugs to make the Café special.

And because this is Dover-Foxcroft, with its sense of community, residents donated plants and regional artists’ works will be displayed on the walls.

Welcome back to The Mill Café. Let’s meet for coffee there soon.  Real soon.

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