I gotta tell you...I looooove Facebook Marketplace. It would seem you can literally find anything. Granted, sometimes it feels more like an online yard sale than a "marketplace", but I'm always a sucker for a good deal. I've seen cars, sneakers, chainsaws, bras, TVs, couches...you name it.

However, yesterday I actually got a surprise. I found someone in the Belfast area selling a large cache of 8-track tapes. To me, this was kind of exciting. You see, when I was in high school, a buddy had a late 70's - early 80's T-Bird, and it had an 8-track player. We scoured his basement and my attic, digging through all our parents old stuff, and managed to scrape together a few. I distinctly remember Kiss's Unmasked, Black Sabbath's Technical Ecstasy, and a Waylon Jennings greatest hits album.

I reached out to the owner of these tapes to get a little bit more of a back story, and to find out what was in this vintage collection of audio awesomeness. And to my delight, it was everything you'd sort of expect to find in a collection of 8-tracks. There was some of my personal favorites like Willie Nelson, and Dolly Parton. Plus a bunch of cool classic rock stuff like Alice Cooper and Black Sabbath.

Probably one of the more fascinating parts of the collection, was the collection of mix tapes. I totally spaced the fact that, for instance, my stereo when I was a kid, totally had a recording feature, even though I've never actually seen a blank 8-track tape anywhere in my life. I can't speak for anyone else, but I know I'd kinda love to see what was on someone else's mix tapes from back-in-the-day.

Also, the sound quality of an 8-track tape is stellar. They are a close second to quality vinyl, and certainly outperform regular cassette tapes, and even CD's when it comes to sonic purity. Between the width of the tape, and the signal saturation from good-old analog tape, 8-tracks are an amazing listening experience.

Maybe you should grab these tapes off of Facebook Marketplace before they're gone, and revel in some quality audio. Maybe today is the day you break out your parent's old Koss headphones that cover your whole ear, and crank up the old Pioneer receiver. And then you can start to show people the way to true audio bliss.

Or, just crank some Sabbath and annoy the neighbors.

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