National Sandwich day is today. Do we really need to have a day for that?  It’s not like sandwiches are in trouble or anything. A sandwich is what’s for lunch for so many people.

Now in an effort to make you think about lunch and a sandwich right now, let’s take a look.

Most popular sandwich?

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When was the last time you actually had a peanut butter and jam sandwich?  How old are you?  Isn’t PB&J for kids? As adults, there are so many ways to get peanut butter into our bodies without that childhood staple.

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That one looks good. Corned beef, Swiss cheese, Sauerkraut, and Russian dressing on rye bread. Where do you get a Reuben? Call me, I’ll join you next time.

Googled Triple Decker Sandwich and here’s what came up.

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Yes, that’s Venus Williams. No way is she eating that.

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That’s a lot of bacon. And doesn't it look good?


Here is some lettuce.  See where we’re going with this?

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Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato or BLT.

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Some don’t think of a hamburger as a sandwich, but I think all the popular fast-food chains do not agree. They call it a sandwich.

So ...


Is a hotdog a sandwich?

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Ham sandwiches are popular. And also a popular entrée for some holiday dinners.


This platter of sandwiches has Ham sandwiches, and Egg Salad sandwiches, and Tuna Salad Sandwiches. Keep looking, you’ll find one you like.

Happy National Sandwich day Maine. Today and everyday.

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