Bangor will go Down The Rabbit Hole with the Zac Brown Band Friday night. What does his set look like?

Spoiler alert, we have an idea of what the Zac Brown Band will play when they bring the Down the Rabbit Hole Tour to Bangor. We know some of the excitement of a concert is wondering what they'll play next. Don't read further if you want his performance to be a total surprise.

However, if you're curious if he'll perform your favorite tune, we have a rough idea of what the set will include. Obviously the order and tunes may change, but according to this is what his set looked like last weekend.

The Zac Brown Band performed this set in California last weekend:

  • Homegrown
  • Knee Deep
  • Day That I Die
  • Whipping Post [COVER]
  • As She's Walking Away
  • Keep Me In Mind
  • My Old Man
  • Tomorrow Never Comes
  • Enter Sandman [COVER]
  • Sweet Annie
  • Isn't She Lovely/Neon
  • Colder Weather
  • Toes
  • Bohemian Rhapsody [COVER]
  • Free/Into The Mystic
  • Chicken Fried

The set is likely to be very different than the example above. Last weekend Zac Brown was opening for the Eagles, which definitely limited his set time. It does appear some of the cover songs have been staples in the set throughout the tour. Other covers that might get added are "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" and a Kings of Leon tune, "Use Somebody."

Also expect the addition of Zac Brown hits "Highway 20 Ride," "Whiskey's Gone," "It's Not Okay," "Lance's Song," "No Hurry," and "Beautiful Drug."

Zac and the boys last appeared in Bangor in 2015 to a maximum capacity crowd. The band was a part of the early days of music on the Waterfront, first appearing on the stage in 2012.

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