The Maine Bicentennial Commission wants to hear from us Mainers about what to put into the state's 'official' Bicentennial Time Capsule. Items from our era for future Mainers to check out in 2120. One hundred years from now. All entries will be reviewed and suggestions will be pared down to a manageable list and then voted on this fall.

The actual Time Capsule will be sealed in a ceremony in December in Augusta.

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First I'll volunteer to be put into the capsule to reemerge in a hundred years when I'll be two hundred years old.

Is your first thought the same as mine? The cell phone. Whose cold hands are we going to pry one of those out of to include in the capsule? Young and old Mainers have to agree that the phone, which we rarely use to call anyone on, has changed so much. Everything -- and I mean everything -- is at the tip of our fingers.

Will the phone still be around in 2120. Or will we actually have a chip installed that does the same thing, without having to carry a device around or charge it?  Hold on.  How will we take hundreds and hundreds of photos without the phone? Text me the answer, please.

If you look back a hundred years, someone probably thought a daily newspaper was a great thing to put into a time capsule. And it was. Who would have predicted that the printed daily rag would go through such a rough time in the past few years?

Too big of an item to include, but have you purchased a new auto in the past couple of years. What a difference in how smart they are.

Do a needle and a vaccine dose get included?

You have to submit your ideas by August 13th. Here's the form to enter your list of items.

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