Here we go. One more sleep and Thanksgiving is here. Although he have to be smarter than most years and take extra precautions, here's to some kind of a Happy Thanksgiving. Even though it might not be as crowded, find something to be thankful for and make the most of it.

Recently I saw a survey about Thanksgiving dinner and how our favorite side dishes were different depending on what state we are from. This was weeks ago and I'm still shaking my head over the survey saying that the favorite Thanksgiving side dish in Maine is salad. Here's the story if you care to see it for yourself. Again I love salad, but it's not my choice on Thanksgiving day, thank you very much.

Let's take this up a notch and find a survey about what our favorite pie is for Thanksgiving based on our state. Here is that survey. Again, I'm not certain I agree with this one either.

Robyn Mackenzie

Survey says that the favorite pie for Thanksgiving in Maine is apple pie. Well, we certainly have lots of apple trees here.

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Using the theory of what's around us in Maine, how come blueberry pie isn't our favorite for Turkey day? For my nickel, Blueberry pie has got to be my favorite pie ever. As a young kid in the summer my Grandmother would hand me a big metal bowl and show me where to go and pick blueberries, and she'd make pie. My Mother made a great blueberry pie too.

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Back to the survey. Lots of American states have pecan pie as their favorite. It sure is a good one.  'Pee-Can', 'Pee-Con', 'Puh-Con'  No matter how you say it, have the dentist standing by if that's your choice tomorrow.

leekris, ThinkStock

For Thanksgiving, I think pumpkin is my favorite.  It's seasonal. And it's good.

Wonder if there's anyone who's going to have a slice of apple pie, blueberry pie, pecan pie and pumpkin pie. Hold it. Maybe that's why Thanksgiving is a 4 day weekend. 4 days. 4 pies.

Happy Thanksgiving for you and your family.

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