In the summer of 1909 a beautiful bronze fountain was placed in Bar Harbor's Agamont Park, at the corner of Main Street and Newport Drive. 

Earlier that year, a man named Philip Livingston had purchased the fountain in Italy. He then donated it to the Bar Harbor Village Improvement Association, a group that he became the president of in 1910.

The Agamont Fountain and the green itself is visited by millions of people every year, and well-wishers toss thousands of coins into the water.  But, what happens to the coins?

Every so often the coins are collected by the Bar Harbor Village Improvement Association, and then used to fulfill their mission, which according to their website is  "To preserve the natural beauty of the Town of Bar Harbor through maintaining, improving and taking other such actions that enhance our surroundings and promote the public welfare."

In other words, they keep the place looking good.

The website says that back in 2014, three year's worth of coins were taken from the fountain and put into twelve large buckets.  It then took a coin machine three hours to sort them all out.