Getting a gift that you don't like is worse when it's from your spouse, or significant other. You expect, or at least you want, them to know you better than anyone else, and not get you something that doesn't suit you. And of course there's the question, do you say anything. You, of course don't want to hurt their feelings. But you have to speak up, because it's counterproductive to not let them know they 'missed the mark' with their gift. Experts suggest you offer an example of something simple they got for you that you love.  Gee, no wonder so many just buy people gift cards. It's tough to know what to buy sometimes, and one doesn't want to strike out when it comes to gift giving.

I once got a beautiful wrist watch. Sure, it was something I didn't already have. But I don't like wrist watches. I had one as a young teen, and didn't like the feeling of a watch on my wrist, so I've never worn one since. I am not sure I handled it the way I should have. I was honest.  Brutally honest. In that case, I did expect my spouse to know me better. And I wanted to be pleased with any gift received. That was years ago, and the marriage didn't last, but it's still a life lesson that I regret not being 'nicer' about rejecting the gift.  Isn't therapy wonderful?

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