If you haven’t seen the 9 year old Australian girl who wrote a letter to Santa that’s gone viral, it’s a pretty funny read.  Probably truer than we want to admit.

Quick summary, she admits she hasn’t been good this year, but would still like a present.  12 of them.  And she basically asks for the world.

Thinking back to childhood and how some gifts landed is a good exercise, but most of us remember the experiences rather than getting the ‘best gift ever’. The traditions, the comradery, the food even. And oh yeah, the hockey stick, or baseball glove, or doll, or a board game.  Now of course it’s all I Phone 12 and PS 5 and Earpods and on and on.

It’s not just our Maine kids. In a survey done nation wide, they ranked the most requested gifts or toys. The most popular item varies from state to state. But out of the 50 answers, I don’t see a baseball glove. Gaming is king.

Maine’s number one toy is Google Pixel 5.  I had to google it. I wouldn’t have had to google baseball glove or Barbie doll, but that’s just me. For those like me, clueless, Google Pixel 5 is a cell phone. And it’s under $700.  My parents are spinning in their graves laughing at the thought of me asking for a gift that costs $700.   But I’m sure “I just gotta have it” melts you, and if you can afford it, you take the plunge. “But Mom, you can but it on a monthly plan.”

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