A Westbrook man was charged with OUI on Thursday, after driving the wrong way on I-295.

Maine State Police received a report of a vehicle going northbound in the southbound lane in Portland just before 9:30 Thursday morning. They were joined in their response by members of the Portland Police Department and Maine Marine Patrol. The driver traveled about five miles, including passing a marked State Police cruiser with the blue lights on, which had been slowing traffic in the southbound lanes.

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30-year-old Eric Page of Westbrook eventually pulled the vehicle over in a cross-over, when he saw a Maine Marine Patrol truck with its lights on. Page was arrested and charged with operating under the influence and driving to endanger. Police say Page's blood-alcohol level was more than 3 times the legal limit.

State Police are asking to hear from anyone who may have taken video of the incident. Anyone who does can contact Trooper James Leonard at 207-624-7076.

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