A beautiful dog who got stranded on the roof has a kiss for the Wells firefighter who brings him to safety and the pictures have gone viral.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I can't pass up a good canine story with a happy ending. And this one is adorable. The stereotypical firefighter-animal situation would involve a cat and a tree, right? Well, this time it was a dog who needed saving. And he wasn't up a tree. Instead, he had wandered out an upstairs window of his house, right onto the porch roof and, apparently, couldn't get back inside because of a window screen. Or maybe the view was just so good that he didn't want to leave his perch.

Passersby saw the pernicious pooch on the porch roof and one person called police while another stayed with the pup, to keep him calm until firefighters could come to his rescue. Captain Jeff Nawful said the husky didn't seem too upset, but was pacing back and forth, causing concern among those on the ground that he might fall or try to jump. He climbed up on the roof and helped the dog find his way back through the window to safety, earning several kisses from the happy Husky.

Pictures of the rescue have gone viral, even making it onto the TV show 'Inside Edition.' Thanks to all the folks who helped report the dog's plight and keep him calm, and especially to the Wells Fire and Police Departments who worked together to bring him to safety. This dog-lover thinks you're awesome!


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