Let's make no mistake about it. Adopting a pet is a great thing to do. For the pet. And for you and the family. But, there are adoption fees. This may be your week. This week the Bangor Humane Society is offering some reduced fees.

The Bangor Humane Society is located at 693 Mt Hope Avenue and the reduced adoption rate ends this Saturday.

At the Humane Society, you'll see a Quirk Subaru Outback, as part of the 'Fill The Outback' event. There is also an Outback at the Quirk Subaru on Hogan Road in Bangor for the 'Fill The Outback' event. Donors are encouraged to drop off supplies such as new or used towels and linens, pet food, toys, treats and cleaning products to either the dealership or the Humane Society for use at the shelter.

Also this Saturday, Happy Halloween, there will be an appointment-only pet portrait event between 10am and 3pm.  Costumes for both human and canine or feline visitors to the shelter are strongly encouraged. Protective face masks are required and social distancing precautions will be observed throughout the event.

Hope you and your family get behind this great event. You've heard the expression who rescued who? Nothing like family pets. Who doesn't remember their first dog. Or the cat in their life. Now is our chance to help those pets that don't have a home and a family, and hopefully you will.

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