I remember being told (in a far more eloquent way than I am about to relay it) that when times feel tough or challenging, think of people who are also going through these exact same challenges as you are, but were already far worse off before. See, not very eloquent, but hopefully my portrayal still made the point.

Maine is under a severe heatwave, and while most of us are making sure our water bottles are filled, remembering to order from the barista ICED not hot, and checking to see that those portable AC units are crankin,' there are people who are figuring out how to just get water to not become dehydrated, clothes to protect them from the sun, and even a place to rest without enduring the extreme heat.

If you have the means and are able, here are a few efficient ways that you can help that won't take much of your time nor money.

The Bangor Area Homeless Shelter in Maine is ALWAYS Needing Help

Bangor Area Homeless Shelter

The Bangor Area Homeless Shelter is currently seeking volunteers who can sort through clothing and hand them out to those who need it. Meals and water are provided daily to so many at ZERO cost. Everything is donated by local grocers and YOU. Food and water are always need in addition to their Walmart list which can be accessed by clicking here.

Stay up to date on needs from The Bangor Area Homeless Shelter by following their Facebook. 

Mannamaine.org Is Handing Out Water for Those Who Need it in Maine


Manna Maine is asking for water this week to be donated between 8am and 4:30pm at 95 Center Street in Bangor. If you are out buying water for yourself, consider grabbing an extra case to drop off that can be handed out to fellow Mainers down on their luck. What isn't used will certainly be needed this summer as all forecasts are indicating many more hot days ahead.

Follow Manna Maine on Facebook to keep up to date on how you can help in the future.

Check On Your Maine Neighbors and Pets

Bangor Police Department Facebook

The Bangor Police Department has provided great information on their Facebook. Simply checking on your neighbors, especially if they are elderly, could possibly save a life. If you are walking your pets, make sure the asphalt or concrete isn't too hot. Do not leave anything living inside a vehicle and always double check. The temperatures inside vehicles multiply quickly from what is felt outside. And if you see someone working outdoors and you are driving around with water or something cold to offer a fellow neighbor, getting a smile from someone from a simple gesture will make you feel cool regardless of how hot it is any day.

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