A teenager used his cellphone to call for help after falling into a deep hole, while out hiking.

15-year-old Dias Greene of Waterville called 911 just before 11:00 Saturday morning, after falling into the hole near the community trail system off Water Street. The hole was long and narrow, and had been left by the root system of a large tree. He braced himself against the roots while he waited for help, to avoid falling any farther into the hole.

When Waterville Fire-Rescue arrived, the only part of Greene that they could see was the top of his red ball cap. They stabilized the teen's position, to prevent him from falling any deeper, while they pushed snow and ice out of the way. Webbing straps were used to pull him out safely.

Greene had been walking in the woods with a friend when the accident happened. He was taken to a local hospital for an ankle injury and to be evaluated. Officials warn residents that snow and ice can cause unexpected problems and hide dangerous areas.

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