A Waterville Police Officer's cruiser and a personal vehicle collided Saturday outside Aroma Joe's.

Who Were the People Involved in the Crash?

The crash is under investigation by the Winslow Police Department, since Waterville Police do not cover crashes involving their own employees. Investigators say the drivers were Waterville Police Officer Mikayla Dodge, 26, and Nathaniel Haven, 20, of Waterville.

What Happened?

Officials say the crash happened as Haven was exiting the parking lot at Aroma Joe's, located at 84 Kennedy Memorial Drive in Waterville. His Chevrolet sedan somehow collided head-on with Hodge's cruiser, which is a Ford Explorer Police Interceptor. Hodge was alone in the cruiser, while Haven had a passenger in his car, 20-year-old Elizabeth Gagnon.

Was Anyone Seriously Hurt?

According to the Morning Sentinel, both Haven and Hodge, as well as Gagnon were taken to the hospital. Although the extent of their injuries were not released, officials say none were believed to be life-threatening.

Assisting police at the scene were members of Waterville Rescue and Delta Ambulance. Both vehicles had to be towed from the scene.

We'll update this story as more details become available.

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