I got a blast of summer this week when I saw firefighters putting American flags on the utility poles near the radio station.

Brewer Just Replaced Many of Their Flags That Were Tattered and Worn

Many Maine communities will do it, lining the streets and roads with American flags during the Spring and Summer. In some areas, the flags are provided by a local American Legion, while others belong to the local government. I asked Brewer's Mayor Jenn Morin about where Brewer gets its flags and she told me that the city bought them several years ago, to be placed on every third utility pole on Wilson, South and North Main Streets, and State Street. This year's replacement funds were in the budget but Mayor Morin confirmed that the American Legion has previously provided grants to help cover the costs. Several of the flags had to be replaced this year because they were found to be tattered and worn.

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Maine's American Legions Can Help Residents Dispose of Their Worn Flags

So what do you do if you have a flag that needs to be retired? The American Legion has provided drop boxes for old flags at Lowe's on Wilson Street and Brewer Parks and Recreation in the Brewer Auditorium. Folks can leave their flags there and the American Legion will dispose of them properly.

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Streets Lined With Flags Bring Lots of Summer Images

For me, those flags always signify summer. I love seeing them on my way to work because they make me think of small towns, barbecues, parades, and fireworks. I think I'll stop by the greenhouse this afternoon and pick up some pots of flowers for my front porch. Here's to another beautiful summer in Maine.

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