I was looking for something simple; preferably paved, but definitely flat and no inclines. A place to run my dog where we can run three to five miles and not die, but still work up a sweat. I want to feel like I exercised, but not on a CrossFit level. I still want my knees and back to function when I'm done. And I certainly want it to be enjoyable for my dog where neither one of us will get bombarded with ticks.

Once again, the Q106.5 listeners came through with excellent recommendations.

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Dog Exercise at Brewer Waterfront Was Recommended the Most by Maine Listeners

Brewer Waterfront

According to many recommendations, the Brewer Waterfront is a great 1.5-mile trail for walking or running our dogs. If you're a runner, it was shared that pedestrians are extremely polite about making room and moving to the side as you pass.

The biggest selling point is NO TICKS. Conversely, across the river from Brewer is the Bangor Waterfront. Many advised to avoid that path and stay in Brewer as the Bangor side has been overrun with vagrants and drug use debris.

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Bangor Forest Was Recommended as a Fun Area to Run with Our Dogs in Maine

Bangor Forest

With lots of wildlife and several easy, flat trails to choose from, it's no wonder why so many listeners recommend taking our dogs to The Rolland Perry City Forest, more popularly known as The Bangor City Forest.

A listener shared that on one side of the forest, we can run/walk with our dogs without a leash, whereas on the other side leashes are required. I'm extremely excited to run these trails with my dog!

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Water Works Road in Eddington, Maine is Recommended as a Great Run with Dogs

Map of Bangor Water Works Road

Several listeners were kind enough to take the time to share that another great place to run or walk our dogs is Bangor Water Works Road. It was relayed that this route was recently paved, and people are always out walking and running with their dogs.

It was also recommended that we park at the Bangor Water District and walk right in. The path goes on for quite a way, so how much of a run we'd like to get in with our dogs is completely up to us. Water Works Road is about a 20-minute drive headed east out of Bangor.

There Seem to Be Numerous Routes to Run Our Dogs in Maine

If you are looking for a flat and preferably paved trail to get your dog some exercise, they can be challenging to find if you are new to the area or are just starting to run as a hobby with your 4-legged friend. Lucky for us, all we have to do is ask. Mainers are more than gracious to point us in the right direction. Happy Running!

Below Are More Running Trails in Maine Recommended by Our Listeners

  • Hart Farm in Holden but has tick protection.
  • Orono Trails. Just begin on Stillwater in Old Town and enjoy all the paved trails.
  • Essex St. Hill Park
  • Chick Hill
  • Bald Mountain
  • Power Lines Sub-Station on Lambert Road in Brewer
  • Trails in Veazie near Veazie Elementary
  • Browns Woods off Ohio Street in Bangor

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