A Maine-made movie that tells the story of the Wabanaki people, stolen children, and cultural survival has won an Emmy.

The movie titled, 'DAWNLAND,' won the Emmy award this week for Outstanding Research at the 40th Annual News and Documentary Awards. It was also nominated for an Emmy for outstanding music, composed by Jennifer Kreisberg..

It's a powerful film, telling the story of the Wabanaki people, also known as the people of the DAWNLAND, with historic news footage and some beautiful images of the Native American culture. There's testimony from some of the Wabanaki people who say they're being separated from their families, nations, tribes, and communities from Euro-Americans. Co-Director and Producer Adam Mazo said in a media release, "The greatest recognition belongs to the Wabanaki people who have lived in that experience and showed immense courage in telling their stories or holding them in their hearts."

This powerful movie will stream live on October 14th. Find more information and RSVP to watch the film on the Upstander Project website.

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