I've said it a million times.... I would could watch big machines do their work all day long. Really. I feel like I could easily make an afternoon out of sitting around watching dump trucks, front end loaders, steam rollers, you name it. That said, when I was cruising through Facebook this afternoon, I came across this video of the Coast Guard Cutter Thunder Bay destroying ice here in the mighty Penobscot.

What I thought was interesting, is that the footage is showing the ship going backwards. The Coast Guard is saying that the ice is so thick, they would literally go forward, and then have to back up a bit and then keep going to build up enough momentum to keep the ice breaking.

It's funny to think that with all the warm weather we've had, that they'd have a tough time breaking the ice. But then I also remember that it was like, a million degrees below zero just a couple weeks ago. And, the cold weather this winter has been kind of crazy. So I guess ultimately I shouldn't be surprised, but here we are.

Anyhoo.... Please enjoy this delightful video of our beloved Coast Guard at work. It'll be a nice zen moment in your afternoon. Enjoy!

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