When I'm cruising through Facebook, I often get sucked into those ten minute videos of things like industrial shredders, or excavation work, or whatnot. I just enjoy videos of folks doing their day to day things. Whether it's assembling cars, or cooking crepes. I don't care. I find work fascinating.

I came across this video on YouTube, posted by Ryan Robbins, of rides being taken apart after the Bangor State Fair wrapped up. In this one they're breaking down the Fire Ball, Skydiver, and Ferris Wheel. I guess I'm not really sure how I thought those things went together, but it's crazy to watch them come apart.

Like the way the cars come off. One at a time, very methodically. What's interesting too, is that it gives you a glimpse into the amount of checking, and rechecking that goes into assembly, but also the amount of backup safety mechanisms. It's not like on of those cars could just randomly come flying off. There's a lot that goes into keeping them safe.

It's possible you may find this kind of thing hard to watch, but I also could watch Bob Ross paint happy little roads and cabins all day. Sometimes I do! But watching this makes me feel pretty good about all that goes into making the fair fun for everybody. Besides... It's Monday. Watch this video, and you will have eliminated over 7 minutes of your work day.

You're welcome.

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