Drivers are cautioned to be watching for black ice this morning, as they make their morning commute.

We're getting multiple reports of black ice this morning, particularly on I-95. Tony, a tow truck driver, called the studio and said that he and his coworker are very busy this morning, pulling people out of the ditch. And Pam, who lives in Greenbush, said she was dealing with black ice on the highway.

There are winter weather advisories for the Northern parts of the state, with predictions of sleet and freezing rain. But with this morning's mild temperatures in the Greater Bangor area, it's somewhat unexpected. WABI-TV 5's Todd Simcox told us this morning it's due to the fact that the temperature just above the pavement is somewhat cooler than the general air temperature and that's causing some patchy black ice, particularly North and West of Bangor, including just outside the city.

You don't need driving advice from us, but we will offer a gentle reminder to slow down this morning, don't tailgate, and give yourself plenty of room to stop. And remember, the sidewalks and parking lots will be slippery too!

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