Teachers, bus drivers, and administrators from Center Drive School in Orrington put together a parade on Saturday to wish a good summer to the students.

Orrington has been home, for me and my husband, for nearly 9 years now. He and I met working at a local store, where we got to know the residents, and became impressed with the way the locals look out for each other and the overwhelming sense of community. So, when we were looking for our first home together, Orrington was our first choice. On Saturday, we got another reminder about why we love this town so much.

That's when the Pre-K to 8th grade students from Center Drive School were treated to a very special parade, put on by all the folks they missed seeing, at the end of the school year. Teachers, administrators, and bus drivers took part in the parade that also included some Penobscot County Sheriff's deputies and local fire department personnel. I can't imagine how weird this Spring has been for young kids who just want to go see their friends every day, but have had to stay at home. They didn't get their end-of-year school picnic and field games. But they did get a pretty cool parade. Thanks to Liz Parent for catching the parade on video and posting it to Facebook. I'm sure the kids really appreciated the gesture and loved seeing their teachers again, from a safe distance.

Make sure your speakers are up for this one, and catch the over-the-P.A.-system wish to students at the end of the parade. Enjoy your summer, Center Drive (and all) students. Hopefully, life will be a little more normal in the fall.

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