The Maine Department of Transportation has shared some graphics and videos, in hopes of improving the safety of drivers sharing the road with snowplows.

Winter driving is all about common sense. Slow down when roads are icy or in snow, leave room between you and the car in front of you, etc. We all know the drill and try to practice it, as we  make our way to work or school. But what about when you're sharing the road with a snowplow? Do you know where the blind spots are? The last thing you want, when roads are slippery, is to be beside a snowplow as it changes lanes.

So, the Maine DOT has put together a graphic that does a great job illustrating where it's safe to travel near a plow, and where it's definitely not safe. Share this post with your family and friends, especially young drivers, who may not understand that traveling in the blind spot of a plow could be deadly.

They also have some advice about how to avoid the 'second shovel.' In other words, how to shovel your yard efficiently, so the passing plow doesn't dump more of the white stuff in your newly-cleared yard.

Finally, a great safety video from the MDOT features a plow truck driver offering similar tips. Stay safe today!

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