Staying home and social distancing can get pretty boring, unless you have a puppy like Toby to keep you entertained.

Our puppy Toby is a mutt. He has some pitbull, lab, and something else. He's getting long like a hound and loves to howl. Despite his long body and legs, he's only 4 months old, so still has all that puppy curiosity. It's been fun introducing him to new things, often with interesting consequences.

Over the course of a day, he experienced crayons for the first time, met his first fresh fish (and saw his first pond), and got to play his favorite game - fetch. Topping the day off with a munchkin was the icing on the cake.

So take a few quick minutes away from working from home or worrying about the latest COVID-19 statistics and let Toby bring you a smile. If he were with you, he'd wag his tail and give you big kisses. Life is better with dogs.

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