Here in Maine, we've become comfortable with seeing moose in lakes, streams, our own backyards and on every other piece of clothing sold in the state. So a simple photo or video posted on social media of a moose on the side of the road wouldn't get much attention, unless of course it's a rare albino moose.

Posted to Facebook by Scott Lemoine, the video captures an albino moose (considered legend in some parts of Alaska and Canada) just hanging out on the side of the road. The moose, with almost Dalmatian-like fur, doesn't appear to be agitated or upset, but instead unaware that it's making its social media debut.

Comments on Lemoine's post have been numerous, including many exclaiming that they have never seen an albino moose before and they hope someone doesn't attempt to hunt the rare moose for sport.

You may remember the uproar recently in Deer Isle, Maine, where an albino deer was shot and killed by a local resident. People were in an uproar after the incident, claiming the rare albino deer should have been protected.


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