We have a new baby at our house named Toby, and he's keeping us busy.

My husband, Jim, and I welcomed a new puppy into our family on Saturday. Toby is 10 weeks old and absolutely adorable. As you can see in the video, he has some distinct markings, with black ears, and a black patch over one eye. He even has white eyelashes over one eye, and black eyelashes over the other. Jim commented that maybe we should have named him yin yang, because of his color scheme.

I'll admit, we can't stop watching him. He doesn't just chase after his toys, he pounces on them every...single....time. He loves to run with us, and especially loves mealtime. And when playtime wears him out, he has to snuggle as close to use as possible, often climbing into our laps or onto our chests to snooze. He's been great with kids and other dogs, that we introduced him to yesterday. And, kudos to his original owners, he's even picking up very quickly on his...um....shall we say potty training?

We're smitten, so be prepared to hear about more Toby adventures. I know he's going to have a lot of them, when the snow melts. Welcome to the family, Toby. We're going to have so much fun.

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