The Bangor VA Clinic will hold a stand-down today, which will include access to services and supplies for homeless veterans.

At the Bangor Community-based Outpatient Clinic today, Maine's homeless veterans will find a variety of services in one place. Between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., veterans will be able to get free medical check-ups, as well as information about other services available to them in the area. Plus, they can pick up some non-perishable food items and some warm winter gear, before the temperatures really begin to drop.

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This is the second of three stand-downs being held across the state for homeless veterans. The first was in Caribou, and the third will take place at the Lewiston CBOC on October 19th. Today's stand-down in Bangor is located at 35 State Hospital Drive in Bangor.

If you know a veteran who is homeless, or who is in danger of becoming homeless, encourage them to attend today's clinic to learn more about the services currently available to them. Whether they're in need of mental health services, medical treatment, or housing, the Maine Veterans Association can help. Vets just need to know who to ask, and how to access the benefits they need. Today's clinic will help answer those questions.

To all the Veterans in Maine, thank you for your service. To the Maine Veterans Association, thank you for helping these folks live the best life they can.

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