Dog Wiley got a haircut the other day.  Looks good.  Yesterday going for a walk on an undisclosed trail, undisclosed so it doesn’t get too popular and over-run with people, he wasn’t on the trail more then a few minutes before he went and got into the muddy mess on the side of the trail.  Ooo.  What a mud bath.

Muddy Wiley
Muddy Wiley Too

I wondered why do dogs love the mud so much.  I know he doesn’t realize he was just groomed and it’s nice if he stays clean for a couple of days. So I thought, why do dogs love to get into the mud. I’ll have to look that up when I get home. Main reason, is the moisture and the cooler temperature.  I don’t think it’s another reason suggested in the article that is psychological.  Too deep for this dog.  He’s too happy to have issues.  “Who cares if I get all muddy.  Come on in, the water...I mean mud is fine”

Half way through the walk he gets to really cool off when he gets to the bay. And in this case got rid of most of the mud that was caked on his underbelly and his legs.

Wiley in Water

Gotta love the life of a dog. Oh and just ask and I'll gladly tell you where the double secret trail walk is located. If you're super nice.


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