As a person in radio, and a musician, I've been in and out of studios pretty much my whole life. Even when I was a boy, my dad used to sing jingles for Bangor area businesses, so I was in them even back then. And I've just finished my own home studio this year, so I know a bit of the work involved.

Some students from the Waldo County Tech Center got a unique opportunity recently, to build one from the ground up. Literally. From construction, to wiring, to finish work, the students did the whole project over the course of a year. The students felt quite a bit of pride in their work when it was done too.

Waldo County Tech student Anthime Brunette said this to WABI - TV5:

The sound recording studio, we did it in a year. It was a good feeling. It makes you take pride in your work, and it's, I don't know how to describe it, just like you're proud of it. After you're done, you take a step back, and it's like okay, I built this and everyone is going to see it.

Folks at the school feel there will be quite a bit if demand for a recording studio in the mid-coast area, so if it sounds like a resource you might need access to, you may want to get in touch with them soon. Rates will begin at $40 an hour, and if you want to get in touch with them, check out or give them a call at 207-342-5231.

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