Alright, I admit it. You just got kind of click-baited. But so what? So did I. I was on my morning scroll on the old Facebook, and saw photos from Newfoundland, Canada from just two days ago, where the town of Gander got enough snow to stick to the ground, and awoke with windchills in the 20's.

Here's a photo from just days ago in Gander:

Photo: Colorful Canary via YouTube
Photo: Colorful Canary via YouTube

Could you imagine being a kid, and having snow on the last day of school?! And this isn't really a totally common occurrence for them. Normally this time of year, they average between the 60's and 70's, according to So to be getting snow must just be unbearable to their souls. Haha. I know I felt that way when we were still getting snow in mid-April this year. End of June? Noooooooo thank you!

So maybe it's a subtle reminder that we just need to appreciate the good stretch of weather we've been having recently. It's been a nice sunny, warm start to summer. Hopefully I didn't just jinx it. Besides, with the kind of luck I have, winter will start in September anyway, so bundle up!!!

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