Who would’ve thought a shot of vodka would be just the thing to clean your house? While some might consider using the libation to scrub a shower just wasteful, others believe it is the household remedy we’ve all been looking for! Check out these five new uses for Vodka:

1. Goo Remover: use a Vodka-soaked sponge or paper towel to remove stickers, price tags or labels that won’t budge
2. Chrome “shiner”: Soak a soft cloth with vodka and rub down chrome, porcelain, and even glass for a new shine
3. Room deodorizer: Mix a 1:1 ratio of water to vodka in a spritzer bottle to deodorize a room
4. Bouquet preserve: Place a few drops of vodka in a vase of fresh flowers every time you change the water. It will kill the bacteria and make the flowers last longer
5. Shower cleaner: Spritz the shower, curtain liner and more for a chemical-free way to kill mold