We love the Challenger Learning Center of Maine in Maine. Last night they held a free STEM event with UMaine & Challenger for middle school students. Last night the event was Hubble Bubble To Infinity and Beyond. Where participants work like NASA engineers and scientists to choose the best way to help the Hubble Telescope with a mission-critical problem. Middle Schoolers worked with students from UMaine and decided the best steps to solve the problem.

Sounds cool, right.

Here comes another one this Friday, the 11th between 4:30 and 5:30 p.m.. This event is called Backyard Astronomy. You learn the night sky with an untrained eye using your free DIY telescope. Know what to do and look for when you go out into the night and observe space from your backyard.

This is the great stuff that goes on with the Challenger Learning Center. I love it, yes I’m jealous it’s for middle schoolers.

Coming up during December vacation, it’s Challenger Teddy Bear + Virtual December Camp Mission. How about a space mission to Europa. Yes. It’ll be the year 2042, and astronauts traveled from Earth to Jupiter in a space station equipped with a vehicle that will travel to Jupiter’s moon of Europa.  Here’s where to get signed up.

Makes a great holiday gift!

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