We've all been there. You spend more time than you ever wanted to, either shoveling or snow blowing the driveway. Then, in the distance, you see the flashing lights, and here the rumble of that poor guy that's just trying to do his job, yet you're cursing him at the top of your lungs. Your neighbors are watching you kick snow, and throw the shovel across the driveway ... wait, that's just my house.

But, just the same, there is a technique you can employ that will drastically reduce the amount of snow that ends up in the foot of your driveway. Basically, as you look at your driveway from the end, clear out extra room on the right hand side, or left hand side if you're looking down the driveway.

Check out this graphic from the Maine Department of Transportation that I spotted on the City of Bangor Facebook page. It really explains it all:

When the plow goes by, it will deposit the snow in the empty spot, as opposed to filling your driveway full of snow and your soul full of hatred. That way, you can just feel good about the plow guys and appreciate all their hard work, and the satisfaction of watching your neighbor's driveway fill up with the dreaded second shovel.

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