A car show held at night means everyone who normally can’t go to car shows can attend, have some fun, and help the Maine Veterans Project.  

Where Is It Being Held?  

There’s a reason why car dealerships have so many bright lights in their parking lots. Because a vehicle under the lights just looks shiny and beautiful. And being under the stars in a classic car makes me think of drive-ins and inspiration point. But I digress.  

I love car shows but I haven’t been to one held at night in a very long time. So, I love this concept. Saturday, September 23rd, everyone’s invited to enjoy a car show under the stars, and under the lights of Winterport Dragway. For people who love the way a classic car looks with the paint and chrome sparkling under the lights, this is the car show for you. It's also great for people who wish they could attend car shows but work during the day because the Under the Stars Car Show will be held from 5 to 11 p.m.  

What Types of Vehicles Will Be There? 

The evening will include lots of vehicles, from classics to sports cars, tricked-out trucks, and everything in between, as well as music provided by TMAK Mobile Entertainment. There will be food available, vendors, and a lot of people who love anything with a motor. I had to reach out to organizer Michael Buzzell when I read that there’s a bass contest. See, to me, a bass contest takes place on a lake or pond and involves fish. But this isn’t a bass (fish) competition, it’s a BASS competition....looking for the best (loudest) bass on their vehicle’s sound system. Big difference.  

Who Does It Benefit? 

Maybe the best part of this show is the fact that proceeds from the event will benefit the Maine Veterans Project, which works to build a community for vets and prevent veteran suicides. It won’t cost anything to walk around but there is a $5 fee to enter a vehicle in the show. Of course, if you’re going to the races between noon and four, it will cost $5 per adult to get in.  Stop by for a fun night of vehicles, music, and food, all to benefit a very worthy cause. 

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