Yes, we could talk all day about how football is a sport that's pretty much always been dominated by men, but something tells me that Megan Collin, 14, and Brianna Thibeault, 15, of Madawaska's Valley Mustangs football team don't care about that one bit.

Megan walked away from this season as Lineman(person) of the Year, and Brianna was Offensive MVP. Because of their outstanding seasons, they've both been invited to play on next year's varsity team.

As you would imagine, according to the BDN, the girls on the team, including three more besides Megan and Brianna, face some obstacles here and there. Especially in the form of guys on other teams maybe making the mistake of going easy on them because they're girls. Megan says this:

It can be challenging during the games. Sometimes other teams might take it easy on us girls, but once they see how we play, they go full force.

I would imagine other teams won't be making that mistake next year when these girls hit the varsity field. And with good reason. They are there to win. Just like everyone else. And it sounds like they've got plenty of tools in their kit to take on everyone equally. So good luck next year to Megan and Brianna!! Although, they probably won't need it.


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